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Selenium is a highly regarded open-source web automation tool used for testing web applications. It supports multiple programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, etc., and is widely acclaimed for automation testing. Selenium provides various locators to identify web elements on a web page which are essential for automation testing, as they help to interact

Ease of access, cost-effectiveness, and availability are a few of the benefits of e-learning applications. With the change in technology, e-learning applications have become important for businesses. However, it is the quality of the application that is one of the deciding factors in the adoption of the application. In the blog, we will be discussing

To be competitive and innovative in the current digital market, enterprises must shift from monolithic systems to microservice and API-based architecture. APIs are helping the organization in a number of ways including monetizing their core assets, developing new services, and extending the reach of existing ones. This is why ensuring the right quality of API

The global Software Testing Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of more than 6% between 2022 and 2030, states Global Market Insights, a market research firm. The market was valued at USD 40 billion in 2021. Factors like the advent of new technologies, changing business models, and rising customer demands for quality products

‘Keep things simple.’ are the three words you get to hear frequently and more often if you are a developer or a tester. Business problems need simple solutions with better clarity and communication between all stakeholders involved in a project.  The Behaviour-driven-development(BDD) approach to development tries to solve this issue and improves communication between business

To gain a competitive edge in the market enterprises are now providing an integrated solution that helps customers to reduce dependencies on other tools.  Now imagine a similar solution for your end-to-end software testing needs. Users would love to embrace such a solution and this is what Cypress, a JavaScript front-end testing framework offers to

With the rise in the use of mobile phones, mobile-based applications are transforming our lives at a rapid pace. Be it buying stocks and shares or purchasing groceries, ordering food you can handle all these action items with just a few clicks on your mobile phone. This is why businesses are now focussing on building

Testrig Technologies stands as one of the world’s best software testing companies. This was possible only with the right implementation of our skills, advanced tools, and experience to ensure all our clients get the expected results they’re looking for. We’ve built a team that can overcome any challenge that comes their way. This is why

BrowserStack is the ultimate testing platform for all your web and mobile applications. With one simple click, you can test any web or native app on smartphones and tablets from both Android as well iOS without needing anything else like virtual machines-you just need an internet connection! Today we will explore Mobile Application Testing Using

Are you looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your test automation? If so, you’re not alone. Many organizations are struggling to get the most out of their test automation investments. Creating an effective test automation strategy is essential for any organization looking to speed up the software testing process and improve overall quality. 


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