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Regression testing is basically a practice of software testing which makes sure that the functionality of the application remains intact even after a significant number of updates and improvements. Working on different types of regression testing is still an important part of software testing. Let’s take a look at What is regression testing and What

In order to enhance the ease of access by the users, every organization relies on usability testing. Software testing techniques and Usability Testing Methods ensures that the software meets the requirements of the users. What is UI and UX Testing? It is actually a process of evaluating the application and determining its readiness to be

In the competitive software market of today, it is imperative to deliver high-quality applications. When it comes to quality, performance testing is the first thing that most organizations consider. While there are different types of performance tests, load testing is important among all. It ensures that an application performs optimally in normal, as well as

When your software undergoes any changes, regression testing becomes important. If you are wondering what regression is testing? it is actually a software testing type that helps in identifying any potential problem in the application as a result of the recent changes. While manual testing is still in use, the demand for automated regression testing is increasing in recent

With a high number of cybersecurity crimes, It is necessary for business owners to know about the Static Application Security Testing to secure their business applications from hackers. In this blog post, Security testing service providers will help you to navigate your security testing plan  to ensure your application security What is  SAST or Static Application Security

In recent times, the demand for cloud automation testing is increasing owing to the numerous benefits to work with cloud testing tools like affordable pricing, good scalability, and easy availability. Cloud-based testing offers multipal computing environments to test the applications with real-world internet activities, There are different types of cloud testing which segmented into different

When you want to test the functionalities and features of an application, The Type of Functional Testing Techniques comes into the action. In order to deliver a high quality and bug-free application, functional testing is imperative. Verifying the APIs, UI, security, and database becomes easy with the advanced functional testing tools. For effective functional testing,

Cyber security risk management is a practice that every organization must look after in order to protect their valuable company assets. The risk management is also advancing the cybersecurity sector to prevent cyber attacks on the company systems that can compromise valuable company assets. Therefore, the companies are now implementing cybersecurity testing strategies to come

Every business needs a way to detect system vulnerabilities on their networks. This becomes even more crucial for businesses with larger sizes and greater data privacy issues. Some examples of such industries would be finance, law, and government to name a few. These are fairly very big organizations on which data privacy is of the

There are different types of software testing In fact, software testing is a broad term and hence requires broader specification that has been divided into two parts which are Functional Testing and  Non-functional Testing. Before dissecting each aspect of the above two terms let us first start by defining What is Functional Testing and What


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