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Penetration testing plays a pivotal role in detecting, diagnosing, and correcting weaknesses in an institution’s computing system and applications before a cyber hacker discovers and exploits the flaw. It is the technique of exposing security flaws in computer applications and measuring the likelihood of a system being hacked by evaluating the system or network using a range

Outsourcing occurs when work is delegated to an independent vendor/supplier/company rather than being undertaken by the internal steering committee. Software testing, or QA, is however one segment where many enterprises prefer to outsourcing QA. Collaborative launches, company digital economy, and other factors have increased reliance on software for both internal and external tasks. As a

Every perfect thing comes with a flaw and everything has its advantages and disadvantages so, here to look for selenium we can say that it does have some failures as well. Let’s look for some reasons why selenium test automation fail: The Common Reasons Why Selenium Test Automation Fail 1.Lack Of Proper Guidance: Finding proper guidance

Striking the right balance between maintaining the software quality and taking care of the release date is one of the many challenges that we partake in the software development life cycle. As a result it becomes extremely necessary in building the right test cases to address and resort to addressing the product risk with the

Few years ago, our team were asked to develop a project that would be an intersection between tech and business. So, we had a product ready, and thought of developing an application that would be the interface to get through to the product. Now, we were not that great at application development and design, but

Before we get to the top-10 automation testing frameworks by 2021, let’s talk about what test automation is, and what it means to be a framework. In QA testing, we have developed two types of tests, and we all know — manual testing and automatic testing. We know that manual testing will take place at

Software Testing has now improved its methods, techniques, and aspects and has integrated the use of modern tools for conducting the API testing process. Every Software Testing Company uses the top and modern tools to ensure that the quality of testing remains impeccable all the time. There are diverse API testing tools available across the

Launching a flawless software application in the market and getting the approval of the target audience is a challenging task. Testing the software with high precision is essential for a successful launch. Here availing the QA automation testing service of reputed companies can help. With years of experience and expertise in the domain, the professionals can

Outsourcing API testing Services to web API testing experts will give you immense flexibility of choosing the right skillset and right resources without the need of paying an expensive amount. Flexibility is the prime service perk that helps the clients trust upon us over hiring employees for getting the job done.  Testrig has professional partners

What is API Testing  API testing is the process of determining the efficiency of an application. Every app consists of several layers that make it a complete application. The primary layers of an application are the presentation or user interface, database, and the business layer. Out of these, the database layer is preferable for manipulating


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