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Testrig Technologies stands as one of the world’s best software testing companies. This was possible only with the right implementation of our skills, advanced tools, and experience to ensure all our clients get the expected results they’re looking for. We’ve built a team that can overcome any challenge that comes their way. This is why

BrowserStack is the ultimate testing platform for all your web and mobile applications. With one simple click, you can test any web or native app on smartphones and tablets from both Android as well iOS without needing anything else like virtual machines-you just need an internet connection! Today we will explore Mobile Application Testing Using

Are you looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of your test automation? If so, you’re not alone. Many organizations are struggling to get the most out of their test automation investments. Creating an effective test automation strategy is essential for any organization looking to speed up the software testing process and improve overall quality. 

If you are in the software testing world, there is a good chance you have heard of Tricentis Tosca, the leading automation tool that has been embraced by the top automation testing companies and software testers all over the world. But what makes Tosca so special? And why are so many people turning to it

As anyone in the software world knows, automated testing is an essential part of the process. Automation testing saves time and money by catching errors early on in the development process. There are many different automation tools on the market, but Cypress is quickly becoming the tool of choice formany testers. Keep reading to find

Cypress is a new open-source testing tool that is gaining traction among software testers and QA engineers. It offers a number of features that make it an appealing choice for automated UI testing, including support for both browser-based and Node.js applications. Cypress also has a simple, intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn and

Karate, an open-source framework is used for API test automation. Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) framework’s Gherkin syntax is used for writing API tests in Karate. But Karate retains its differences from other BDD frameworks, such as JBehave, Specflow, and Cucumber. The key point of difference in Karate from these BDD frameworks is that in Karate, all the

As the demand for quality software rises, the demand for automated UI testing also rises. Automated UI testing is a process of automating the manual tasks of UI testing. It allows you to test your application more efficiently and effectively. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the practices, challenges, and tools of automated UI

When testing API implementations, testing teams face several unique challenges. API testing is a component of integration testing and involves the interaction of two systems-one of which your staff probably does not have direct control. There are a few challenges of API Testing. Let’s look at the solutions. THE TOP 5 CHALLENGES AND SOLUTIONS OF

Testing is an essential aspect of the software development process. It involves discovering bugs and glitches in the code and eliminating them to provide a high-quality, error-free product. Development teams have been using traditional testing methodologies for years, but the increasing adoption of agile development methodologies has accelerated the use of agile testing practices Let’s


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