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The building of applications that are adaptable and accessible across all multiple platforms is aided by Android application testing. Android application testing is a process for building an application software by testing for its usability, functionality, flexibility and consistency. It can be carried out in two ways including Android App Manual Testing and Android App Automation Testing

There is a need for end-to-end testing since mobile applications are getting complex. Besides, this kind of testing gives the same type of experience present across all devices so they can work seamlessly.

Here we as an Android App Testing Company, our goal is to test and enhance the overall quality with the appropriate and customized end-user experience solutions. We offer end to end Android app testing services including both functional and non-functional testing. Thus, as an entrepreneur to launch fully customized and user-friendly apps, Android Mobile App Testing will be your first choice

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Why Android App Testing

Android App Testing is highly important and required for your Android Apps. The process not only limited to finding bugs or UI suggestions but also need to take care that product meet the business needs.

  • Android App Test Automationincrease the test coverage
  • Enables cost reduction
  • Saves time
  • AndroidApp Performance Testing performed in real conditions
  • There is a recreation of actions performed by consumers while using the app (e.g. hard interrupts such as calls, SMS and notification)
  • Ensures better performance, quality and functionality
  • Helps in the detection of bugs and other discrepancies as well as aiding to resolve them
  • Risk management thought Android App Security Testing

How We Do it

Testrig is aimed at helping our global clients in getting mobile applications with excellent quality, unique features and impeccable effectiveness all at a reasonable price.

  • Testrig offers a wide range of mobile application testing services for platforms and various operating systems as one of the leading mobile testing service providers.
  • With the use of our effective and powerful testing framework and strategies, we present mobile and web applications that take care of our client’s various businesses and deliver an excellent user experience.
  • In Testrig, we have a team of adept, highly qualified and experienced android app testers working client’s demand and giving them the best mobile testing solutions.
  • Our testing team and QA tester has the ability and capability to test different apps, including iOS and android, ranging from native, hybrid to web-based applications.
  • For android app device testing, We use real devices with various emulators, tools and simulators for our testing solutions.

Clients Benefits:

The benefits our clients derive include the following:

  • They get an end-to-end Android Mobile Application Testing Services with the use of our diligence adeptness and latest mobile testing including Android Test Automation and Android cloud testing
  • We are experienced, talented and knowledgeable.
  • Software development kit (SDK) and Specific test environment are set up, which are installed to support different operating systems and platforms.
  • Enjoy cost-effective testing services and on-time project delivery.
  • We find and make use of a well-equipped lab full of latest testing tools, real devices, simulators and emulators.
  • We offer maximum benefits to our clients all over the world through our strategic mobile automation optimization approach.

Why Us

Why Choose Us as a Android Application Testing Company

  • We partner with you at every stage of Android app development.
  • We deliver prioritized results by creating Android app testing strategies around your sprints to enable your team to sort issues before the release date.
  • We always keep up with your team regardless of when you update your app (whether once a week or once a month).
  • We follow through consistency and timely results as customers put us on their critical paths towards release.
Our Clients Says ..

TESTRIG is doing an amazing job for over a year now in handling our Quality Assurance needs. They have worked closely with our development team and consistently tested our product by providing both Manual and Automation Testing with Selenium. I would definitely recommend TESTRIG to anyone in need of QA services.

— Gabriel Fenton (Upstock)

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