Compatibility Testing


So, you have made a new application for your clients and have used all the final aesthetic touches. It appears perfect on the devices in your workplace, so it is set to release. But prior to releasing make sure it undergoes Compatibility testing that is very important to all Web & Mobile application.

How does your application work on many Mobile devices and browsers? We at Testrig could assist you with that. We could validate and test quickly the impact devices and browsers have on user experience. We provide a complete Compatibility testing service. Automated examination scripts could be quickly generated as well as executed on many devices. Layout concerns and the functional issues could be determined fast and reported back to the client for resolution.

Compatibility Testing is concerned with two major areas:
– Examining whether the visual of the web or mobile app is rendered rightly once seen under different combinations of OS, screen resolution as well as browser.
– Examining whether the customer side functionality is running correctly, which include the impact of cookies, JavaScript as well as Pop-blockers.

This is the reason why it is very important to ensure that the service is a good match with the most popularly utilized browsers as well as technologies when the product is to become successful.

The massive know how gained by Testrig is the field of Compatibility testing, mixed with our wide Test laboratory puts us in a perfect place to give a remarkable service that range from preparation and planning, to the execution of the test and final reporting. Never lose company face through releasing a site with no Compatibility testing.