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With the guarantee of better Test Coverage accelerate application efficiency, effectiveness through Web Automation Testing.

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Uploaded software always has its defects even though the software development group is testing it. Engineers that are in charge of testing these products try to catch them before the products are released.

Still, in one way or the other, these defects always creep in, and they often reappear even with the best manual testing processes. The best way to boost the efficiency, effectiveness, and coverage of your software testing is to Hire Web Automation Testing company and leverage the Test Automation services  for your Web Applications. 

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Why Web Automation Testing ?

Automated Website Testing or Application Testing is the need for every Application Development team who wants to know all the bugs before going live and deliver a bug free application to the users. Automation web testing performed by using Automation Testing tools helps in improving the Testing process and eventually quality of the application.

It helps to ensure:

  • Fast results
  • Faster feedback
  • High overall test coverage
  • Reduces business expenditures
  • Reusability of Automated Tests
  • Saves time even for a large system.
  • Higher quality of work, thereby decreasing the number of glitches to be fixed. It also reduces project costs.
  • By using automated testing, more testing can be done relating to an application.

How we do it

Companies involved in large-scale web development projects are aided by Testrig to maximize the capability of test automation and, at the same time, decreasing expenses and improving the quality of their QA. With the years of experience in providing Web Automation Testing services, our team have all the expertise in providing all kinds of Test Automation services including Browser Compatibility Automated Testing, UI Automation Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing etc.

  • We make use of the best tools and top talents to kick off very fast and pass automation across devices, multiple browsers, and test environments.
  • At Testrig, we have a ready-to-go web automation framework that can blend with the flow of your work and deliver instant incremental value.
  • We ensure the continuous delivery of great new features without damaging the old ones.
  • We do all forms of testing on the web, such as portals, websites, mobile web, web apps, and SPAs.

Clients Benefits:

Before starting Web App Test Automation, understanding the benefits and how it will help you on your projects is very important. Below are some of the benefits of Test Automation Services and why you should choose Testrig as your Test Automation Partner

The benefits clients derive includes:

  • Improving the accuracy of client’s website/app
  • Early detection of defects
  • Faster time to markets
  • Testing teams find it very easy to document software defects. This helps boost the development speed and, at the same time, ensuring perfect functionality across areas.
  • It combines with manual testing and ensures the accuracy of tests carried out on your project.
  • Thoroughness in Testing
  • Give room for constant execution of Test cases, Test Automation helps to reduce the time-to-market of an application.

Why Us

Why Choose Us as A Web Automation Testing Company

If you want to experience highest quality of your web application, then think about Automation Testing and start automating your testing process with leading web automation testing company

We are special because of our:

  • Low attrition rate
  • Accessible professionals
  • Quick turnaround
  • All of our QA engineers have a degree in Computer Science.
  • Our working days can share 2.8hrs depending on the location of the client. This makes communication easier and improves mutual understanding
  • Domain expertise
  • Our records speak for us. We have successfully tested multiple projects in finances, eCommerce, Healthcare, eLearning, and other fields.
  • Our employees often stay with the company for at least three years, thereby maintaining the consistency of your team.
Our Clients Says ..

TESTRIG is doing an amazing job for over a year now in handling our Quality Assurance needs. They have worked closely with our development team and consistently tested our product by providing both Manual and Automation Testing with Selenium. I would definitely recommend TESTRIG to anyone in need of QA services.

— Gabriel Fenton (Upstock)

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