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Mobile automation testing is a process that requires no human involvement but uses automated scripts run to test mobile web, native and hybrid applications.

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Over 25% of users delete an app after using it once and they never install in back. This implies that all the time, efforts and money spent on developing the app were in vain. How can you counter such a thing?Quality mobile app automation testing is the answer and we are ready to provide unique approach with planned Strategies for complete Mobile App Test Automation Services.

Automated Mobile App Testing is a process that requires no human involvement but uses automated scripts run to test mobile web, native and hybrid applications. This is the type of testing that runs automated tests on devices (including emulators and real devices) and ensures the proper functioning of the application. Also, it verifies that the application matches all requirements.Test automation including Android Automation Testing and iOS Automation Testing  Test automation can be carried out on various screen resolutions, devices, network connections, platform versions and so on.

Mobile App Test Automation Services,Mobile Test Automation Company

 Why Choose Mobile App Automation Testing ?

We as a topMobile Test Automation Company can classify some reasons which allowed you to implement Test Automation to improve your productivity

  • There are ready-made automated solutions
  • Structured process to avoid making mistakes or missing any cases that need to be checked
  • Running tests in parallel to boost feedbacks
  • Mobile devices are tested using reliable and stable automated tests
  • Helps detect and resolve bugs
  • It reduces human involvement

How we do it

For unique Mobile Automation Testing Services, we use appropriate Mobile test automation steps and processes that will be beneficial for you long term. The Automation testing of mobile applications processes with Testrig includes:

  • Analyze the requirements
  • Become familiar with the application
  • Suggest a solution
  • Create a structure best suitable for the test.
  • Tests are being performed by our mobile testing team and bugs are reported to the PM and developers.
  • Configure the reporting system.

Clients Benefits:

Implementing Test Automation with QA Automation testing agency is the most conceptual and beneficial approach for your business.

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • On-time project delivery
  • Multi-threaded tests thereby speeding up the testing process
  • Capacity and ability to run tests on multiple platforms and devices at the same time.
  • The human factor is limited thereby avoid missing any check
  • Ensures better performances, quality, and functionality

Why Us

Why Choose Our Mobile App Test Automation Services

At Testrig, we have been running mobile automation testing for many years. Therefore, we fully understand the importance of having real devices for mobile application testing. We, therefore, provide access to a wide range of testing tools, services, and device lab. With the expertise in various domains and services like Mobile automation testing with Appium, Espresso, Katalon etc. We are special because:

We are special because:

  • We have a dedicated test environment for platform certification testing
  • Pay as you go model which is cost-effective and saves efforts towards managing mobile devices.
  • Automated reporting dashboards with advanced analytics.
  • Strategic partnerships with the topmost leading mobile testing tools providers to procure effective tools.
  • We do not apply recorders during our mobile testing services
  • Our automated tests can be launched on emulators as well as physical devices.
Our Clients Says ..

TESTRIG is doing an amazing job for over a year now in handling our Quality Assurance needs. They have worked closely with our development team and consistently tested our product by providing both Manual and Automation Testing with Selenium. I would definitely recommend TESTRIG to anyone in need of QA services.

— Gabriel Fenton (Upstock)

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