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SaaS Application Testing

SaaS Testing can be defined as the processes and methodology involved in the building of applications while ensuring that its software is used as a service model of development. SaaS application testing services has to do with examining the integrity of an application and it is different from that of on-premise application.


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At Testing, our SaaS Application Testing Services involves:

  • Data security and privacy
  • Business logic
  • Data integration
  • Performance
  • Interface compatibility
  • Optimization of testing
  • Scalability and so on

Our SaaS Product Testing Solution

At Testrig, our experts are skilled and are versed about the relevance, advantage, function and commercial use of software in testing applications. They ensure they completely understand your SaaS program before creating a custom report and dynamic IT solutions.

What we do

As a SaaS app testing company At Testrig, we offer different kinds of SaaS application testing services. Our team has the expertise and experience in testing SaaS applications across different niches. Our SaaS testing includes:

1.Availability Testing: We ensure that your apps are always available for your clients. Also, we make sure your SaaS application does not experience any downtime.

2.Performance Testing: Performance is a vital factor for your SaaS applications. Hence, we make sure each module of your app undergoes performance testing along with the workflow. Also, we intentionally stress your application system with a load test to determine its ability to handle unsteady loads or pressure.

3.Interoperability Testing: We make sure that your SaaS applications function seamlessly across different platforms and environments. Also, we ensure that your users irrespective of their background/location get easy access to them.

4.Security Testing: This is one of the biggest challenges especially when you are choosing SaaS for your application. We ensure that proper security testing is done and threats to your privacy and data are eliminated.
Stress and Load Testing: This is done to ensure your SaaS application can cope with huge stress and load above its normal operational capacity. It helps to improve the response and total result of your app.

5.Business workflow Testing: It is important you know the different configurable and non-configurable components of your app. By carrying out this test, you are sure to get the best out of your app.

6.Integration and migration tests: Your SaaS application is most likely integrated with several APIs. Hence, we assist you with checking and testing your data integration and migration to ensure your private data is secured.

SaaS testing is one of the successful choice of business model, So if you want SaaS based testing then connect here SaaS app testing company!

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