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Reliable and Secure APIs with REST Assured.

The Challenges:

Build quality API with a powerful API testing framework

APIs are playing a pivotal role in the development of modern applications. These applications are turning more complex as one API may link several microservices and other APIs. A small mistake while building these APIs can lead to heavy losses, making API testing a priority for organizations. We need to ensure that APIs are functional, accurate in data sharing, and work as expected.

Challenges for automating API testing:

Solution by Testrig Technologies:

Rest Assured automation testing service for accelerated API delivery

Testrig’s Rest Assured automation testing service aims at providing comprehensive API test automation coverage. As Rest Assured follows BDD (Behavioural Data-Driven) approach it makes the code more readable. Our detailed approach to API testing helps customers build high-quality APIs required for successful digital transformation.

Our solutions:


Component/Data-driven automation

Easy updating, reusable, and low maintenance scripts

Advanced reporting and trend analysis

Business-driven development and test scripting

Parallel execution support in CI

Our Tools

Different Integrations implemented :

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Why Choose Testrig Technologies:

At Testrig, we believe in 3p’s which includes people, process, and past experience to provide the best business solutions to our customers’ needs. 

Our digital, operational, and domain expertise help clients across industries accelerate their digital transformation and build a foundation for long-term growth.

Testrig advantage:


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