iOS App Beta Testing – An Emphasis Journal

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iOS App Beta Testing – An Emphasis Journal

Apple products have taken the market by storm for over a decade now. Apart from the core design, distinct and unique features, apple is backed by a strong and solid operating system – iOS. In order to stay at the top of the game, it is necessary to have the best testing support from the top leading iOS app testing company for such a dynamic OS, which gets heavy and frequent updates.

iOS has seen an incremental growth pattern when it comes to the massive increase in the number of users as early as the start of 2020. This not only means that iOS is being widely accepted but also extremely successful. When an OS is of that magnitude, then having a dedicated quality assurance is extremely essential. This is where iOS beta testing comes into place. Now you will ask why did I jump directly into beta testing without even considering alpha testing? Of course!

Firstly let’s start by addressing what is iOS beta testing?

iOS app beta testing is one of the stages of the SDLC (Software testing life cycle) wherein a bunch of external users known as beta testers test your application in real-time and in the real world testing environments in order to discover errors and provide you with proper feedback for the concerned application. Top software testing companies put a lot of effort behind standard beta testing. Furthermore, this feedback can fix any issues present in your app along with implementing better ideas for later releases.

Now coming to the question of why iOS Beta testing and Alpha testing?

According to the iOS app testing company, the main goal of iOS alpha testing analysis the bugs in order to remove them in the phase of the beta process. Anyways, The best way to address this question to substitute this with a crisp differentiation. Voila! That’s what we have done. You can easily decipher from the below addressed differentiation table that iOS beta testing is hands down the solution to many complex problems that can arise during the QA process while we address the in-depth benefits in the next section

Alpha Beta
Performed by software developers Performed by real-world customers/users
Includes testing in the virtual environment Includes testing in real world
Are inclusive of both white box and black box testing Is inclusive of black-box testing only
Conducted for the software application Conducted for product
The crux of this is to test the functionality The crux of this test is to test the performance and reliability of the product
Has a rigorous structure Completely unstructured


Key Benefits of iOS App Beta Testing:

Sudden app crashes: It helps you to discover the problems that you have to fix before launching your application to the public. Users like glitch-free applications to start with at the least.

Acceptance to the app store: It helps in Increasing your odds of getting affirmed by the App Store since beta testing shows Apple that you’re putting forth an attempt into making your application better.

Quality: Guaranteeing and keeping up your application’s quality, ensuring that everything is filling in as it ought to be and that you’re giving the best possible user experience possible in the market.

A spectrum of perspectives: Beta testing helps you with collecting a lot of feedback and these are the feedbacks that are brought to the table by a plethora of different people, different minds and accounts for different usage patterns.

Cost-effective: Beta testing helps you in getting bugs before the respective releases. This saves a lot of money as the errors caught in the production phase are heavily expensive and takes a lot of time and effort to be sorted at such a crucial stage.


While beta testing is a secondary aspect to alpha testing, it still emerges out as one of the most crucial aspects of the quality inspection aspects of iOS app testing as

  • It gives us the end-user perspective
  • It deals with real-world problems
  • It gives us actual insight into how the product is perceived in the market

Independent software testing companies have lately been gaining a lot of momentum in the space of iOS beta testing. if you want to know more about iOS mobile application testing then discuss with us our experts offer iOS app testing services as per your needs and requirements 

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