How Independent Software Testing Company Provides More Value to the Customers

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How Independent Software Testing Company Provides More Value to the Customers

The current wave of change and trends has placed software to be at the center of all businesses. In such a wave of necessity deploying potentially flawed software leads to losing customers. Mitigating the flaws in the software is not only necessary to stop losing customers but also to stop the company from losing money and even losing its brand name.  As a result, To hire Independent Software Testing Company have become crucial to businesses. This is the reason QA companies has defined itself amongst the pivotal factors of every software project development

software Testing is extremely crucial in not only identifying and fixing faults in an application but also in determining its entire life cycle. Industries are trying to invent a better method each day for attaining higher quality standards. Now that we have wrapped our heads around the fact that testing forms the entire crux of the product lifecycle we have to move forward to choosing the right set of testing units and testers to finish the job in the most optimized way. This is where an Independent Software Testing Company comes into the picture.

What is independent software testing?

Independent testing is a bunch of tests performed by one or more professional testers or software testing companies who are not in alliance with the product development team. Independent testing can be done for a plethora of applications.

The Need

Organizations are always expected to develop state-of-art software with a minimal budget.  This comes as a major disadvantage to them because neither can they get different testers onboard nor as and when they require as this will have a massive hit on the overall revenue of the organization

There is also this continuous grapple of the client’s requirements and needs to be up to date. Along with the changing product objectives, there are pertaining changes to the product symmetry. This along with major other factors such as software complexity, size, and user demands was the driving force behind the birth of independent testing organizations. Independent testers have a unique and discrete advantage over the in-house testers, they analyze the software from a business perspective other than the coder’s vision. Flexibility and scalability of the independent testing team is another reason they are being highly preferred in today’s day and age of software project lifecycle. It is due to this independent testing association /evaluation has been one of the most trending software project lifecycle practices.

Core Competencies

Let us have a detailed look at the most crucial benefits of the Independent testing companies that can directly form or alter the crux of the product and project lifecycle.

Benefits to Hire Independent Software Testing Company

Enhanced Software Quality 

One of the core benefits of outsourcing testing to an independent organization is enhanced and improved software quality. Independent testing teams have zero bias towards the product, and the product is developed in accordance with customer requirements and meets all the product objectives while maintaining the premium quality of the deliverable.

Optimum Skill level

Independent testing facilities always have highly proficient and chosen testers. They have the skilled manpower to carry out software testing in the most optimized way. In fact, independent testing facilities hire testers mastering across a range of domains such as automation testing, manual testing,performance testing, and security testing to name a few.

Cost Reduction

 The failure rates with individual testing companies are very low. This is because independent testers make sure that the quality and adherence related requirements are strictly taken care of. Due to their rigorous testing cycles and strong adherence, there are negligible strike downs. They specialize in handling the functional and non- functional aspects with a keen eye for details a special emphasis on stress handling and performance.

Faster Time-to-Market

The main focus of every individual in the software management life cycle is to launch and release the end product as fast as they can. Since an independent testing company has full access to expertise in the test automation skills and test cases, that ensures faster testing cycles along with early detection of defects. The faster the defects get caught the lesser is the damage the defect has done. Since the testers already have an inclined prediction towards testing advances, it assures strict adherence to timelines along with the effective handling of dynamic requirements.


The flexibility of both timing and choice is a very important aspect in this fast-paced world of today. We need to be flexible on the needs and chronology in order to adjoin the pace of development, especially in a software project life cycle. An independent testing company provides us with the option to chose and switch intermittently. This gives us the freedom to toggle between manual and automation testing as per the organizational needs. The best part about an independent testing team is that it has the best possible talent for every form of agenda and need.


Independent Testing started out with the realization of entitled finances and incurred losses from the company’s end. There are several SMEs that cannot afford a full-time resource for time and need-based testing. This will be something of a major advantage and consideration for the SME sector. However, the lack of skilled sources also proliferated to its growth. It is not compulsory for all organizations to hire an Independent Software Testing Companies, similarly, neither is it compulsory to hire a full-time resource at your expense. It all ultimately rounds up to your needs. You can make the choice if your in-house team is not sufficient, sometimes in quantity and sometimes in terms of quality output or at other times just to improve your application life-cycle. Independent testing is a great option in all forms, but make sure you evaluate your decision based on certain go-to factors such as output, skills-set, expenditure, and market demands.

Keeping this thing in mind. Testrig Technologies will never disappoint you and make sure that your application or software offers 100%user-experience to your customers. Discuss here!

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