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Before releasing your app to the users in the market, you have to make sure it will operate as expected and provide quality service along with great user experience. Every programmer believes his codes are beautiful, and if they don’t perform optimally he would still love them. However, your customers and app users won’t think the same way.

The Play Store and App Store are filled with at least another hundred apps just like yours. If your app doesn’t surpass the others or provide something unique they would just leave. Therefore, everything must be tested and vetted before it is put in the store.

Functional testing is a form of application testing that evaluates each feature and function available on the app to ensure that it performs up to standard. A functional test is more akin to a test drive than the usual code testing. Each feature on the application is executed with the appropriate input and the outputs are checked to ensure compliance and system functionality.

Why Us

Why work with Testrig Technologies

  • At Testrig Technologies, we provide diligent and trusted functionality testing
  • Our functional testing procedures are focused only on black-box methods, so you are sure your source code will not be touched.
  • Our teams are equipped with skills and experience, along with the best tools available in the market
  • Our functional testing tools include Ranorex Studio, Selenium, QTP, Junit, soapUI, and Watir




Our Clients

Testrig functional testers are specialists at running every form of functional tests, using both automated and manual modules. Some of these tests include Unit Testing, Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Integration Testing, White box testing, Black Box testing, User Acceptance Testing, Security Testing, Installation Testing, and Compatibility Testing. Tests will focus on User Interface, API, Database, and security. Some metrics provided in the report include mainline functionality, basic usability, accessibility, and error conditions.

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