Get started with Automated Regression Testing: Benefits, Tools and Practices

automation regression testing

Get started with Automated Regression Testing: Benefits, Tools and Practices

When your software undergoes any changes, regression testing becomes important. If you are wondering what regression is testing? it is actually a software testing type that helps in identifying any potential problem in the application as a result of the recent changes. While manual testing is still in use, the demand for automated regression testing is increasing in recent times. Automated testing not only saves time but helps in delivering more efficient and effective solutions for your business.

What are the Benefits of Automated Regression Testing?

In order to get started, it is important to understand the benefits of automated regression testing Some of the prominent benefits include:

  • Fewer Resources

To efficiently conduct the automation regression testing, you will require only a few expert professionals to complete the test. As compared to repeated manual tests, you will only have to automate the tests that are written by the test engineer.

  • Increased ROI

While the initial investments may be huge, automation regression testing proves to be beneficial in the long run. With greater returns on investment, your business can avail maximum revenues.

  • Effective Bug Detection

Regression testing with the help of automation tools is one of the reliable ways to detect potential bugs in the application introduced during the change process. By detecting and fixing the bugs early, it helps in saving your time as well as money.

Which Tools are used for Automated Regression Testing?

While there are a number of automation regression tools available in the market, choosing the best one proves to be beneficial. Among all the other tools, automated regression testing selenium is growing to be a popular trend in the software industry. The other significant tools include:

  • TestComplete.
  • TimeShiftX.
  • TestDrive.
  • Sahi Pro.
  • Watir.
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester.
  • Testing Whiz.
  • SilkTest.
  • Ranorex.

Best Practices to Perform Automated Regression Testing

Knowing about the automation regression testing best practices is important when it comes to using the testing method. Here are some of the best practices of automated regression testing.

  • Categorize the Tests

When you are starting with the regression testing with automation, it is important to categorize the test suite into a number of small categories. It helps in making the test easier. With the help of a test management tool, you can easily categorize the tests. It makes it easier to identify the type of test.

  • Maintain a Testing Schedule

Having a testing schedule through the project is essential. It helps in following the right path and ensures thorough testing of the application.

  • Use a Test Management Software

When you are working on a large project, adopting test management software provides optimum outcomes. It helps in tracking as well as managing the test cases to ensure achieving the desired results.

  • Write New Failing Test

For every bug found during the tests, writing a new failing test is one of the best practices of automated regression testing. It helps in documenting the bugs effectively.

The top regression testing company that offers a number of regression testing services is making a shift towards automated testing. Owing to the ample benefits it has to offers; automation regression testing evolves as the optimum solution for developing a bug-free application.


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