ERP Testing Services

Fully Statured ERP Testing Package for secure and validated ERP Implementations

ERP Testing Services

When we think about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation, what should come to mind is a large number of stakeholders (including management, stakeholders, ERP QA, and development end-users) managing multiple locations and integrating with legacy systems, feeder systems as well as third party gateways. Testing such a complicated application with respect to performance issues, product upgrades, third-party integrations, and regulatory compliance requires tremendous skill, insight, and experience. At Testrig as a  Software Testing Outsourcing Company in New York, USA, we are aware of the challenges that come with testing these business applications, hence we are committed to providing top-quality ERP testing Services, and putting smiles on the faces of our clients.

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As a Top ERP Application Testing Company What we do?

We are a goal-driven ERP testing Company, Our well-designed testing approach helps our clients to have more control in their niche and achieve quality and affordable deployments. We provide a comprehensive ERP testing approach that spans across:

  • Integrations and configurations.
  • Consulting.
  • Technical validation of modules.

With different types of ERP Testing, the Following is Carried Out:

  • Upgrade Testing: We conduct both pre-implementation and post-implementation analysis as well as functional/technical upgrade verification.
  • Patch Testing: We carry out a system integration, patch, maintenance, performance, rollout and test evaluation.
  • Life cycle Verification and Validation: This includes data migration, business flow mapping and validation services.
  • Agile Testing: Using a highly standardized agile testing practise, we ensure continuous growth and integration for your business.

Our ERP Application Testing Approach

  • Compliance Testing – This is done using HIPPA and SoX.
  • Centre of Excellence – This is a well-defined test data management, a repository of prebuilt test accelerators and a robust test automation framework.
  • Non-functional Testing – This includes testing for security, load, performance, stress and volume.
  • Functional Testing – This includes regression, system, integration, automation and user acceptance testing.

Why choose our ERP Application Testing Services?

By deciding to work with us, we will help you with the various ERP application testing services:

  • Increase automation and reduce regression test life cycles.
  • Leverage your automation tools across enterprise accounts.
  • Reduce defect leakage.
  • Achieve optimum use of resources.
  • Optimize your ERP testing procedure.

We are committed to ensuring that our clients get innovative solutions to their business challenges. We take pride in our list of happy clients who have benefited immensely from our impeccable testing service.

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