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To make buying and selling of good and service possible right from the comfort of one’s home, the payment gateway for online transactions needs to be securely tested. Anytime consumers make use of their cards offline, the Point of Sale (POS) device is the medium used for payment.

But for an online business to become successful, a comparable system needs to be adapted, which makes sure that transactions are carried out instantly, and payments are made with ease. An online merchant stands to lose lots of clients if his/her payment gateways do not work as expected. With our standard Payment Gateway Testing Services, we make sure your clients get an enjoyable experience when making online transactions with you.

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Our Payment Gateway Testing Services

To ensure full user-experience and compatibility we work on diiferent Payment Gateway Testing Services such as: Integration Testing: This is an essential aspect of your payment gateway. At Testrig Technologies, our job is to help you verify that the integration of your online store, website or application is compatible with your preferred payment gateway. Also, we would help to check for actions such as:

  • Alerts for order placed
  • Verifying if a purchase is successful or void
  • Checking whether funds are received in the merchant account

Functional Testing: This testing is vital for new or less established payment gateways, and it ensures that an application operates the way it should. During functional testing, we make sure your application/website handles orders, taxes, calculations, and so on, the way it should.
Security Testing: Your customers would be required to fill in sensitive information (such as credit card number, CVV number, and so on) during an online transaction. Hence, we ensure that all the vital information is transferred to a secure channel after every sale.
Performance Testing: Testing the performance of your site, application and online store is crucial – don’t worry, we got you. Also, we would ensure all online transactions go smoothly even if multiple users are trying to pay or access your app/website at the same time.

we ensure no stone is left unturned

Your payment process is the backbone of your eCommerce business – besides, which business can survive without making profits? We ensure your payment gateway works smoothly. Any slight inconvenience or error can significantly reduce the experience of your customers; hence, we ensure no stone is left unturned.

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Testrig Technologies, as a Top-Rated Payment application Testing Company, makes it easy and convenient for you to test the web application to assure that your web experience completely works for the users on the devices or browsers that matter to them. Get Ready To Test Your Project with our unique payment gateway test cases and standard payment gateway testing scenarios

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