Case Study: Testing for Search Engine Optimization tool

About Customer:
The application provides simple, professional-quality SEO analysis and critical SEO monitoring for websites.
It offers offers an easy-to-understand and comprehensive set of SEO tools to help in understanding customer’s website from a search engine’s perspective. It helped thousands of small-business owners, webmasters and SEO professionals improve their online presence.


  • Lack of proper QA process
  • Compatibility and functional issues
  • Find out the issues based on User’s feedback


  • Setup full proof QA process along with development cycle
  • Functional & Non-functional Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Bug reporting
  • Regression testing
  • Perform Testing before every release


  • User’s satisfaction
  • Subscription of tool have been increased
  • All the major issues have been fixed
  • Got good users feedback about the tool
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