Banking and Finance Domain Testing Services

Unified set of test cases and standard digital approach for banking and financial product testing

BFSI Application Testing

The abundance of the banking domain cannot be denied, coupled with the ever-changing and highly advanced technology which has a very detailed functionality enmeshed into applications. Performances, business continuity, and service delivery are vital aspects that must be kept in mind for enhancing and improving ROI.

Comprehensive BFSI Applications Testing Services

BFSI is very well aware of the competitive business landscape and market prospects which demands the BFSI sector to embrace and utilize the latest technology. Testrig provides in detail, a full series of financial software testing solutions for financial institutions to leverage up-and-coming market opportunities.

Our BFSI domain Testing Services are economical and the value-added wealth management application testing solution has provided opportunities to many in the BFSI industries to expand their businesses and enhance service delivery. BFSI has put forward custom-made and comprehensive financial and banking application testing services, support and maintenance, QA consulting for various types of customer-focused BFSI business applications.

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Our software testing techniques

The modern frequent changing of financial services, banks and technology landscape companies results in them struggling with challenges in several areas such as:

  • BFSI application combines with numerous other applications.
  • Increment in regulatory requirements.
  • Increased shareholder pressure for greater margins and ROI.
  • New standards to meet ongoing customer demands.

At Testrig, we have domain experts who fully understand the BFSI industry and are skilled at testing BFSI systems. The testing of BFSI applications requires an end-to-end testing method. This methodology includes several software testing techniques to guarantee:

  • Regulatory compliance testing.
  • Security testing.
  • Data integrity.
  • Performance testing.
  • Total coverage of business requirements and all application workflows.
  • Usability/compatibility testing.
  • Functional testing.

Banking Domain Testing Services

  • Accounting software and customer service.
  • Private banking software.
  • Corporate banking software.
  • Mobile banking software.
  • Money transfer applications.
  • Retail banking software.
  • funds and credit card processing applications.
  • net banking application.

Financial Domain Testing Services

  • credit domain software.
  • Payment engine software
  • Microfinance applications
  • Financial accounting software
  • Customer management applications
  • Treasury software
  • Trading software
  • Payment gateway software
  • Capital market software

Global BFSI clients enjoy the provision of a full spectrum of testing services from Testrig. Testrig is economical and our value-added wealth managed testing services have aided many of our BFSI clients to expand their businesses and also boost the overall services delivery. Also, we provide custom-made and well comprehensive BFSI testing services, QA consulting for different varieties of customer-focused BFSI business applications.

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