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What is Validation Testing? validation testing in software engineering is in place to determine if the existing system complies with the system requirements and performs the dedicated functions for which it is designed along with meeting the goals and needs of the organization. This mode of testing is extremely important especially if you want to

Apple products have taken the market by storm for over a decade now. Apart from the core design, distinct and unique features, apple is backed by a strong and solid operating system – iOS. In order to stay at the top of the game, it is necessary to have the best testing support from the

Mobile devices have seen an uproar in terms of growth. This growth is significant in aspects surrounding both usage and engagement. Smartphone users, on the whole, have incremented in a massive percentage from the last decade. Moreover what can be considered as a phase shift is the totality of movement of internet usage on the

Delivering the best quality of the software is the end game for any software project. And for the sake of that, you need to keep on testing repeatedly. This should specifically be the case of organizations practicing DevOps. However, there are several organizations that lack the test case management tools aspect in order to manage

Application testing is important for maintaining product quality, detecting and eliminating bugs, and ensuring user experience. To ensure an effective and efficient mobile app testing process, each step must be designed properly. As technology integrates into important social and economic systems, any faults and malfunctions in the applications cab have more than monetary losses. Quality

QA trends 2020 are on a major rise and emphasis in the agile and DevOps along with the software industry witnessing some major disruptions simultaneously. This has resulted in a streamlined evolution of newer and advanced testing approaches. quality assurance testing is in the center of this advent. Top QA Company and QA professionals as a

We are in an industrial phase that is brought in to create great user experiences for their consumers and hence increasing user acceptance. It does not matter whether these are the people who use products, services or apps, usability testing of website and usability testing for websites is of utmost importance. The prime focus of

Testing challenges in agile has been a topic of woe for modern testers. This is mainly because it is one of the most frequented testing practices and Agile methodologies in testing. So, what does it mean to test on agile terms? Agile teams are required to release new features to the market in a matter of weeks,

The current wave of change and trends has placed software to be at the center of all businesses. In such a wave of necessity deploying potentially flawed software leads to losing customers. Mitigating the flaws in the software is not only necessary to stop losing customers but also to stop the company from losing money

The testing stage is arguably the most important stage of any product development. Product testing is even more important for software products and applications. Compared to manual testing, test automation sounds smooth, quick and like an obvious upgrade. This is not true. In most cases, manual and automation testing are used simultaneously to complete each


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