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There is a separate testing ideology followed for web applications, and there are many aspects that are covered under this process. With web application testing, aspects such as website security, functionality, usability, accessibility, performance, and others are checked and reviewed. In case of any troubles or loopholes, the web application testing tools will point it

Websites are formed with complex ideologies and coding implementations. There is a massive possibility that some aspects are not up to the mark that needs identifying within time. It is so because a loophole in the website functionality will eventually hamper the user experience and, in turn, will impact on the reputation of the website.

The mobile testing strategy revolves around the use of diverse modern tools. There are several methods and affordable mobile app testing tools that you can avail of for implementing your mobile app testing practices. If you are limited on time and money for getting your mobile apps tested, then this article is for you. Here

Mobile technology is evolving at an unexpected rate in recent times. Multiple applications available over the internet have taken mobile phones way above their utilitarian value for communication. Presently, there are more than 4 million mobile apps available for download that provide customers with a diversity of options. So, This is the reasons every business

The efficiency of software products depends considerably on testing. The process of website testing or web page testing also follows along similar lines and involves a meticulous examination of a website or related software. With the rise of mobile technologies, enterprises are shifting from websites to web applications that serve similar functionalities, albeit with a

Today, a majority of people prefer mobile applications due to the increase in mobile devices. Testing the mobile application is essential in order to deliver flawless apps that meet the expectations of the customers effectively. but the question is how to test mobile applications? Any Specific techniques to follow? what are the testing methodologies for

Mobile applications are trending in the present day scenario. In order to survive in the highly competitive market of today, it is important to test the mobile apps and ensure that they are free from all the bugs and errors. Here is a step-by-step guide to performing the mobile application testing process. Before start with

More than 200 billion applications were downloaded back in the year 2019. This shows the true efficacy of mobile apps in helping businesses grow. With the demand for online businesses operating through mobile apps, mobile application testing practices also evolved. Many firms took up the charge to offer mobile app development and testing practices to

Today, web applications occupy a prevalent position. However, you cannot deny the fact that bugs ruin the app user experience. Do you know the reason behind it? It is clearly because of inaccurate application testing. The phase of testing deserves the utmost priority in the case of app development, which most of you tend to

In order to provide the best user experience, and optimally performing website or application is important. When you want to ensure that the application performs as per the benchmark standards, performance testing becomes important. Performance testing does not test the application for bugs but ensures that it performs efficiently under different load conditions. It checks


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