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With a high number of cybersecurity crimes, It is necessary for business owners to know about the Static Application Security Testing to secure their business applications from hackers. In this blog post, Security testing service providers will help you to navigate your security testing plan  to ensure your application security What is  SAST or Static Application Security

The main goal when running a business today is to provide the best possible experience for each potential customer at all times. Thus, you spend countless hours ensuring that the product or the service is perfect, or that the site should be user-friendly and updated. In today’s proliferation of mobile device testing services and mobile

In recent times, the demand for cloud automation testing is increasing owing to the numerous benefits to work with cloud testing tools like affordable pricing, good scalability, and easy availability. Cloud-based testing offers multipal computing environments to test the applications with real-world internet activities, There are different types of cloud testing which segmented into different

When you want to test the functionalities and features of an application, The Type of Functional Testing Techniques comes into the action. In order to deliver a high quality and bug-free application, functional testing is imperative. Verifying the APIs, UI, security, and database becomes easy with the advanced functional testing tools. For effective functional testing,


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