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What is Validation Testing? Validation testing in software engineering is in place to determine if the existing system complies with the system requirements and performs the dedicated functions for which it is designed along with meeting the goals and needs of the organisation. This mode of testing is extremely important especially if you want to

Apple products have taken the market by storm for over a decade now. Apart from the core design, distinct and unique features, apple is backed by a strong and solid operating system – iOS. In order to stay at the top of the game, it is necessary to have the best testing support from the

Mobile devices have seen an uproar in terms of growth. This growth is significant in aspects surrounding both usage and engagement. Smartphone users, on the whole, have incremented in a massive percentage from the last decade. Moreover what can be considered as a phase shift is the totality of movement of internet usage on the

Delivering the best quality of the software is the end game for any software project. And for the sake of that, you need to keep on testing repeatedly. This should specifically be the case of organizations practicing DevOps. However, there are several organizations that lack the Online Best QA test case management tools aspect in


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