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Software testing is an essential and fundamental part of any system since it guarantees to add a certain degree of quality to the system before being released for end users.  The type of test that needs to be carried out will depend on several factors, starting with the initial and essential requirements of the project,

Currently, in the software business, the implementation of agile methodologies that allow us to implement an iterative life cycle versus a cascade life cycle is very common (or at least increasingly). In the world of Testing, when the word agile is heard, we can immediately link it to everything related to automating, because it seems

In software testing Bug reports are the reporting of software application bugs to the developer so that it gets fixed. Practically, a bug report comes after the test cases have been carried out by a tester, and a bug was detected. Defect writing is very important in the software testing life-cycle, but it’s less practiced,

What is Test cases? “How to Write a Test Cases”, Before this question let’s learn what is Test Cases in Software Testing in simple words. “A test case is a set of variables that helps the tester to check whether the software application is free of bugs and satisfies the requirements of the end-user.” Develop


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